Human Geography full Syllabus For upsc prilims mains and opt.

Human Geography is the study of human activity and its impact on the Earth’s physical and cultural environments. It is a branch of geography that focuses on the patterns and processes of human behavior and their relationships with the natural world, including the physical and human geography of a particular place or region. Human geographers … Read more

Makinder’s Heartland Theory for UPSC

Makinder's heartland theory

The Heartland Theory, also known as Mackinder’s Heartland Theory, is a geopolitical theory proposed by British geographer and politician Halford Mackinder in 1904. The theory states that the control of the “Heartland,” which Mackinder defined as the large landmass of Eastern Europe and Asia, would be the key to world domination. Mackinder believed that whoever … Read more

Rimland Theory | geography for upsc

The Rimland theory is a geopolitical concept in international relations that was proposed by American military strategist and historian, Rear Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan. The theory asserts that the coastal rim of a continent, especially the littoral regions, is the most strategically important area for a country’s security and economic prosperity, and therefore, it should … Read more

Central place theory

Site Map Of Central place theory Central place theory Evaluation Strengths: Simplicity: Empirical Evidence: Practical Applications: Predictive Power: Limitations: Overgeneralization: Lack of Flexibility: Assumptions: Limited Scope: Central place building of theory Hexagonal Market Area: Hierarchy of Central Places: Transportation Costs: Market Area Threshold: Economy of Scale: Central place theory Predictions Hierarchy of Settlements: Market Area … Read more

Von thunen Agricultural location Full theory for upsc

Van Thunen Theory

Van Thunen theory of land use is an economic model developed by the German economist Johann Heinrich von Th√ľnen in the early 19th century. The theory explains how land use patterns are determined by transportation costs and the relative price of agricultural products. According to the theory, the most intensively cultivated crops are grown closest … Read more