Sociology upsc books for mains and optional

Sociology upsc books– To prepare for the sociology section of the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) examination, it is essential to study the relevant topics from reliable and comprehensive books. Here are some recommended books for sociology:

Sociology upsc books: Themes and Perspectives” by Haralambos and Holborn:

Sociology upsc books:

This book is a popular choice for studying sociology and covers various themes and perspectives within the discipline. It provides a comprehensive overview of sociological theories, concepts, and research methods.

“Sociology: Principles of Sociology with an Introduction to Social Thought” by C.N. Shankar Rao:

This book is widely used by UPSC aspirants as it covers the fundamental concepts of sociology along with the theories of social thinkers. It also includes practice questions and previous years’ solved papers.

“Sociology: Themes and Perspectives” by Michael Haralambos:

This book is another excellent resource that covers a wide range of topics in sociology. It presents sociological theories, concepts, and research methods in a clear and concise manner.

“Sociology: A Brief Introduction” by Richard T. Schaefer:

This book provides a concise introduction to the field of sociology, covering key concepts, theories, and sociological perspectives. It is a good choice for candidates who prefer a condensed overview of the subject.

“An Introduction to Sociology” by Abdul Hameed Taga:

This book is specifically tailored for the UPSC examination and provides a comprehensive coverage of sociological concepts, theories, and thinkers. It includes practice questions, case studies, and examples relevant to the Indian context.

Sociology upsc books: Themes and Perspectives” by M. Francis Abraham:

This book offers an in-depth analysis of sociological theories, concepts, and research methods. It explores various themes such as social institutions, social change, and social stratification.

In addition to Sociology upsc books, it is crucial to refer to current affairs and contemporary sociological issues in India and around the world. Regularly reading newspapers, magazines, and online sources dedicated to sociology and social issues will help you stay updated.

Moreover, solving previous years’ question papers, practicing answer writing, and participating in mock tests can further enhance your preparation and help you familiarize yourself with the exam pattern.

Remember to select the books that suit your learning style and complement your studies with notes, revision, and self-assessment to maximize your chances of success in the UPSC examination.

Top 10Books for upsc Preparation.

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