Assertive Sentence – Direct and Indirect Narration

Assertive Sentence – Reported Speech में यदि कोई साधारण कथन होता है तो Direct narration से इIndirect narration बनाने का नियम निम्नलिखित प्रकार से है-

Reporting Speech की Verb का परिवर्तन – Assertive Sentence

Say, Says, will say or Shall sayNo Change
Say totell
Says totells
Shall say toShall tell
Will say toWill tell
Assertive sentence Changing Rules

Some Example of Assetive Sentence

1. Ram says, “She is ill.”

Ram says that she is ill.

2. He says to me, “He will bring some milk.”

He tells me that he will bring some milk.

Exercise 1 of Assertive Sentence

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Some Rules of Assertive Sentence

यदि Reporting Speech की Verb में Past tense हो तो Reported Speech की Verb भी Past tense में हो जाती है।

SaidNo Changa
Said totold
,” ( Comma Inverted)That
Basic Rules

Basic Changes

Present IndefinitePast Indefinite
Present ContinuousPast Continuous
Present PerfectPast Perfect
Present Perfect ContinuousPast Perfect Continuous
Past IndefinitePast Perfect
Past ContinuousPast Perfect Continuous


1. He said, "The Peon is ringing the bell."
   He said that the peon was ringing the bell.
2. He said, "The girls goes to school daily."
   He said that the girls went to school daily.
3. He said, "He spoke sweet words."
   He said that he had spoken sweet words.

Exercise – 2

[HDquiz quiz = 79]

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